Manupackaging, formerly known as Manuli Stretch, is the pioneering company which developed Stretch Film in Europe for the first time. For over 50 years the company has been manufacturing a wide range of high-quality packaging solutions for several applications.

It now manufactures and distributes in 65 countries a variety of 100% recyclable superior packaging products, including LLDPE Pallet Wrap Films, Stretch Hoods and Agricultural Films, for the best tailor-made packaging solutions.

Manupackaging has a robust global distribution organization across its 13 locations. The company maintains distribution operations at each of its production facilities in Germany, Brazil, Argentina, and the U.K., as well as in Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Chile.

Manupackaging also utilizes independent sales representatives to service additional regions. This allows the company to service customers virtually globally.

In addition to its internal sales personnel, the company’s distributors utilize additional sales teams to sell Manupackaging’s products to end-users. These include sales people, expert tele-sellers, customer care staff and expert product specialists.

Manupackaging vision entails a partnership collaboration with partner distributors that share product development as well as collaboration with end user customers including “Key Accounts”.

Today, the Company operates 13 locations (including proprietary distribution) with a total building space exceeding 75,000 sqm with 5 manufacturing facilities located in Schkopau (Germany), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Curitiba and Manaus (Brazil) and Corsham (U.K.).

Manupackaging largest production facility is located in Schkopau (Leipzig, Germany), which hosts Central R&D and Customer Care. The 22,000 sqm facility is built on a 90,000 sqm area and features Cast and Blown Technology, along with PP and PE converting.

The Company motto:

A Natural Passion for Protection
A natural passion for protection

The Manuli Family Group of Companies dates back to 1935, when Dardanio Manuli established a business in Milan, Italy producing rubber tires, inner tubes, hoses, electrical tapes, and power cables. The early years of that business laid the foundations for several businesses, including Manuli Stretch.

Manuli Stretch Group, the Company known today as Manupackaging, began in 1969 as a manufacturer of polyethylene (PE) films. A pioneer in the industry, the Company became the first manufacturer of Pallet Wrap Stretch Film in Europe.

Cast extrusion line

In the mid 90s, Manuli Stretch established a new business unit, Manuli Distribution, to further develop the Manuli brand and support its stretch film business along with the development and the distribution of several packaging products. From 1993-2007, Manuli Distribution embarked upon a global expansion strategy, including the establishment of distribution companies in eight European countries.

Corsham, United Kingdom

With the continued growth of its stretch film business and the need for additional manufacturing facilities, Manuli Stretch implemented two green-field projects: Manuli Stretch Deutschland (Schkopau/Leipzig), for the production of Pallet Wrap and Agricultural Films in 1997, and Manuli Packaging Argentina S.A. (Escobar/Buenos Aires), a manufacturing operation for Pallet Wrap Films in 1998.

Similar to its European expansion program, in 2002 Manuli Stretch established a joint venture with a Brazilian partner for the sale and distribution of Manuli Argentina products in Brazil.

In 2010, the group acquired a majority stake in the company Manuli Fitasa, further consolidating its position in the Brazilian market with five distribution units throughout the country.

In 2011, Manuli Stretch became a leading manufacturer of Stretch Film in Brazil as well and in the same year it established the Manuli Chile distribution branch to further support the distribution of Manuli Argentina products.

In 2012, Manuli Stretch further widened its product range by adding Blown Extrusion capacities in Germany for the manufacture of high performance Multilayer Stretch Hood.

In 2014, it added Coating and Slitting Equipment for the manufacture of Packaging Tapes in Argentina.

In 2016, Manuli Stretch inaugurated a new Stretch Film Manufacturing site in the previous distribution Centre of Manaus (Amazon), Brazil.

In 2016 Drg Vertrieb is merged into Manuli Stretch Deutschland in order to exploit all synergies within the German Market in all the industrial packaging segments.

In September 2018, Oxy Capital Italia s.r.l. acquired the majority stake of the group, now called Manupackaging.

Today, the group maintains 5 manufacturing facilities and 11 distribution operations, serving 15,000 customers in 65 countries.

Manupackaging in the world

Major shareholder of Manupackaging Group and M Stretch S.p.A.
Oxy Capital

Pierfranco Di Gioia
Managing Director

Ronny Kittler
Massimo Moroni
Antonio Pecorone


  • Best provider of value-enhancing packaging solutions.


  • To create value, growing profitably and responsibly, through skilled and motivated professionals, state of the art technology and lean practices in order to consolidate its leadership in providing protective high performance industrial and agricultural films and packaging solutions, achieving the best total cost of ownership (TCO) for its customers.


  • Value creation: Manupackaging adopts an approach to business that will enable the company to operate successfully and achieve excellence, innovation and performance in a sustainable manner in the common interest of all stakeholders, present and future.
  • Quality & Reliability: Manupackaging is committed to achieving superior quality and continuous improvement in the performance of its products. For Manupackaging, reliability means winning the trust of its customers through technical expertise, manufacturing excellence, service, product quality, lean practices and attention to costs.
  • Respect for the environment: Manupackaging believes that respect for the environment is an essential value with respect to its employees, customers and the communities where it operates. Therefore it is committed to creating value for its stakeholders whilst reducing its environmental impact.
  • Social responsibility: Manupackaging promotes the adoption of ethical practices and the respect for fundamental human rights as stated in the ILO’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Wor[1].

[1] The Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, ILO, 1998.

Customer satisfaction

Manupackaging, in line with its corporate policy, adopts the Organisation, Management and Control Model foreseen by the decree 231/2001. This decision has been taken with the conviction that by adopting the model (irrespective of the decree and its contents, which by nature are optional and in no way obligatory), the company can raise awareness among those working for, and on behalf of, the company.

The Board of Directors has entrusted internal controlling functions to a supervisory and audit body, the Supervisory Committee, which has the responsibility to supervise the efficiency and effectiveness of the operational model as well as ensuring that it is kept fully up to date.

The purpose of the model is to build a structured system with the necessary staff to carry out the required procedures and controlling activities, including preventative measures to avert potential criminal offences foreseen by the decree being carried out.

Model foundation points are to circulate conduct regulations and procedures at all company levels and to carry out the mapping of company risk areas, i.e. activities where there is a greater risk that offences be committed.

The Code of Conduct rules contained in the present model are to be added to the Code of Ethics, which represents an integral part of the first.


Solidarity and support for people in difficulty are part of the moral commitments of Manupackaging Group, which has been supporting social initiatives for years.

Manuli Onlus Foundation, set up by Dr Dardanio Manuli in 1992 and since then operating under the guidance of Ms Cristina Manuli, is the most representative example of it. Among the first ones to deal with home help for Alzheimer’s sufferers, the foundation has so far provided 200,000 hours of voluntary care from specialized staff and voluntary auxiliaries.

Among the recognitions received, the “Ambrogino Public Merit Award” from the City of Milan (2004), the Municipal Council Shield of Honour (2006) for the work carried out in Milan and the surrounding area for over ten years and the “Angelo dell’Anno” (Angel of the Year) award for socially-responsible services (2007).

Several international projects are also among the Foundation’s plans and achievements: the electrification of the rural village of Tougouri (Burkina Faso) through the support of Amani Nyayo Onlus, thus enabling the development of the socio-health system, the creation of water pumping and the accumulation systems for civil and farming uses, professional training and the setting up of crafts laboratories, along with the lighting of houses in the evenings.

Rural village of Tougouri (Burkina Faso)

In Argentina the collaboration between the company and the Marìa de la Esperanza Foundation has allowed to build the ‘La Esperanza Centre’ for poor emarginated children in San Marco Sierras, Còrdoba. The centre contains both accommodation and work facilities (a school of Arts and Crafts) and a farm for home-grown products to be used to help maintain the centre.

Thanks to its policies, management system, actions and results, in 2019 Manuli Stretch Deutschland was awarded with the The EcoVadis CSR “excellent” score.

Ecovadis CSR scoring system measures the quality of a company’s Corporate Social Responsibility based upon seven founding principles:

  1. Evidence Based
  2. Industry Sector, Country and Size Matter
  3. Diversification of Sources
  4. Technology
  5. Assessment by International CSR Experts
  6. Traceability & Transparency
  7. Excellence through Continuous Improvement