Nowadays, experience and reliability are even more fundamental qualities to responsibly and efficiently manage our resources and in the waste management sector.

This is why Manupackaging – the pioneering Company that first developed stretch film in Europe  – extended its proprietary technology in the Waste Management business with a full line of ecologically responsbile and more profitable method of handling Municipal and other fragmented Waste materials.

Thanks to its technology and the mix of high performing raw materials, Manupackaging offers you the right film that can be combined with several types of compacting balers to reduce the volume of wrapped matter for a more cost-effective handling, storage and transportation.

  • Suitable for all waste baling machines.
  • 100% recyclable and environmental friendly LLDPE film.
  • Typical use: waste baling solutions requiring easy and perfect wrapping with high oxygen barrier.
  • Outstanding bale stability with perfect UV protection.
  • Superior puncture, mechanical and tear resistance.
  • Excellent oxygen, waterproof  and humidity barrier, locks moisture and reduces odors.
  • Optimal storing in different conditions, avoiding static charges and algae formation.
  • Best protection against dust and keeps bales compact.
  • Excellent saving opportunities.
  • Significantly reduces environmental impact.
  • Standard and tailor-made sizes.
  • If bales are destined to for incineration, ECOFLEX high calorific value can contribute to energy generation.

100% recyclable high performance stretch film for waste baling

typeperformancemachinetypical width (mm)savings opportunitiestypical usesthickness (µm)guaranteed prestretchdart drop resistancesuitable for square and round balesUV protectioncolours
ECOFLEXhigh performance material with excellent clingX500, 750outstandingwaste baling film25-280.7★★★XXwhite, green, black
Manupackaging reserves the right to alter the above information according to the most recent development of the products, the above data are indicative and represent the average of Manupackaging production.

Waste baling wrapping machine


Typical use: waste baling solutions requiring easy and perfect wrapping with high oxigen barrier.